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We are a Toronto based hair extension supplier of sew-in extensions, weave, clip-in, closures & frontals.   HEW is the brainchild of two friends Joella(Ella) Clarke and Joan K.  Edwards. We started Hair Extension Works because we believe that every woman deserves high quality, long, luscious, perfect locks. Both of us are hair extension devotees who developed a love for wearing them as track and field competitors in school.  We loved having great looking hair, but found that sweating and exercising meant almost every day was a bad hair day! On top of that rain, humidity, wind, snow and face it---your hair DNA,  made getting and keeping the great hairstyle style of our dreams pretty near impossible.  

That’s when we discovered that the look we craved was possible by adding a few rows of hair extensions. We soon learnt a hard and very expensive lesson.  If the extension is not real and is cheap synthetic hair, it  would matt, tangle, shed(everywhere) and would only last for about a week.  So after a lot of research, we found real human hair at a local beauty supply.  But they were crazy expensive.  We couldn’t believe that this guy(who doesn’t even wear or need hair extensions) was selling them for $200 per 14 inch pack.  We vowed that when the time was right, we would start a hair extensions boutique that offered high quality, long-lasting, real human, virgin hair extensions at an incredible price. 

The HEW collections of weft hair extensions, closures and clip-ins are 100% Remy human hair, thick (from top to the bottom), long, shiny, beautiful, and definitely perfect! Our obsession with quality means we only choose hair extensions of that meets our exacting standards.  HEW virgin hair is 100% authentic and is privately sourced from the Balneario Pinhal of Brazil, the San Juan Pampa of Peru, India and Southern Cambodia.  Once our hair completes the long journey to our facilities in United States, the quality assurance process continues with each piece undergoing a secondary washing and inspection process to identify any imperfections. Once we’re happy, our hair is packaged and ready to be offered to you.  

At HEW we are committed to bringing you high quality real hair extensions that make achieving perfection both easy and affordable. HEW hair extensions will make you feel beautiful, glam, sophisticated and elegant. Your best perfect every time!

 Fabulousness happens when you wear HEW hair extensions.  So do the ooh’s and awwwhhh’s from friends, enemies and  secret admirers.   Share it by staying in touch on Instagram, Twitter and Facebook.  

XOXO  ......Ella & Joan K.





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